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My Story

I am a fun loving redhead, who will always have a new story or joke to tell you! A big plant lover, with over 130 houseplants and a native species bee and butterfly garden at home, I am always ready to talk plants. When I’m not gardening, I am snuggling with my fur kids. I have 2 dogs (Bella and Cookie Monster) but am always staying current with rescues and local shelters. I love all animals but am a HUGE dog lover, so please tell me all about your furry friends. I like to play golf and drink craft beer and cocktails. I love the Dallas restaurant scene and can always give you a good recommendation on the latest and greatest. I have to stay up to date with what all the cool kids are doing.

My Vision

When it comes to hair, I really love it all. From short precision Pixie cuts to long luscious layers, and everything in between, I really pride myself in learning details about you to give you the most custom and personalized cut that I know you will love. I stay on top of current trends but also retain my mastery of the classics. (I LOVE vintage hair!) As far as color, I enjoy using your hair as the canvas for my artistic eye! From sun kissed balayage to full blown unicorn hair, I do it all! Check out my Instagram for some pics! I will take pictures and videos the day of your appointment so don’t be surprised to see your lovely locks on my Instagram or website.



​"Allie's ability with hair is nothing short of magical. She is absolutely, hands down, the best stylist I’ve ever used. She is talented with her cuts and coloring (I only wish my job would allow me to do something cool and funky so I could truly experience her full talent). I have never once been disappointed and I highly recommend her." - Gena S.

"Allie is my favorite! She always has some funny story to share while she’s educating me on the products I need to use on my hair." - Stephanie Z.

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